Our Idea


Consumer society is booming. Alibaba alone received 583,000 orders per second on record-breaking days. At the same time, resources are becoming increasingly scarce worldwide. The production and shipping of consumer goods creates a gigantic ecological footprint. Clothing often travels up to 20,000 kilometers before it lands on our store counters. We would like to tackle a problem that concerns us personally. Here in Switzerland, new clothes are constantly ordered without the old clothes being sorted out, passed on, or donated. Clothes closets fill up, and raw materials are wasted unnecessarily. In contrast, there are many people in developing countries who have no money for the clothes they really need. While ordering clothes from an online store, the idea came to us.


With the help of technical knowledge, our idea is to develop a system in online retail that uses synergies. We would like to include a function at the check-out in online stores, so that the customer can give the clothes that are no longer worn directly to the mailmen. We will then sort the collected clothes and give them a second life. We would like to give these clothes as raw material to tailor shops that are affected by resource scarcity. As we learned from our lecturer, many tailor shops in Rwanda have to import expensive fabrics from the Republic of Congo and Tanzania. Therefore, we can well imagine cooperation with Rwanda.

So our idea is to declare second-hand clothes from Swiss households as raw materials and send them to Rwanda. The clothes and fabrics can be dyed with dyeing techniques and can be retailed according to any creations. In this way, we can continue to use raw materials and at the same time protect the climate by upcycling and creating a resource cycle. The clothes will then appear with a new look and feel for the time being in Rwanda and maybe in a further step in other countries. With this cooperation, added value can be generated and the tailors save on costs for raw materials.

As already mentioned, this cycle not only helps the people in Rwanda, it also protects the environment. Usable material is not simply wasted, but used as a resource, and less new material has to be produced for production.

For Swiss online retailers, this has various advantages. Many people live in the climate movement, and sustainability is increasingly emphasized. People will order from the online retailer because it is like an exchange business.

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