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We are two students of business administration in our final year and are studying "Entrepreneurship and Corporate Responsibility".

We would like to tackle a problem that concerns us personally. In Switzerland, new clothes are constantly being ordered without the old ones being sorted out, passed on or donated. Clothes closets fill up and raw materials are wasted unnecessarily. While ordering clothes from an online-store, we came up with the idea of the digital clothing cycle.


2018 - 2022

University of Applied Sciences Graubünden

2017 - 2018


2014 - 2017


Since we were both still very young and wanted to further our education, we decided to study. We were interested in business administration, we applied for the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden and that's how we found each other. Together we get through the good and bad times in our studies and want to contribute to a better world with our project idea.

After passing the final apprenticeship exam, we wanted to gain a foothold in the working world and both worked full time for a year. Shannon continued to work in the back office of the same company and Catherine did an internship as an advertising assistant at the company where she now works as a project manager.

After successfully completing secondary school, we both decided to pursue an apprenticeship. Catherine as a designer in advertising technology and Shannon as a businesswoman in a wood trading company.

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